1. Real Time Tracking:

The most critical task is now at your fingertips. Track your vehicles real time with our monitoring system to an accuracy of +/- 10 meters. You can also choose from variety of maps for display (Google, Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain, Street view). Keep an eye on your whole fleet from a single window. You can also view additional parameters like speed, address, and travel history. We store your vehicle data of last three months which you can playback and view them all. Location is updated every 10 seconds.

2. Advance Reports: -

View and download various reports in xls, pdf, doc, HTML, csv format. You can generate reports of various parameters like travel summary, trip summary, digital ports, total distance, average speeds, maximum speeds, stoppages and numerous other reports. You can retrieve data for a vehicle of last three months.

3.Point of Interest:

With POI(Point Of Interest), you can mark and name places of your interests like restaurants, pumps, warehouse etc. You receive an alert when your vehicle reaches or passes a particular POI.


This feature helps you to mark a geographical boundary for your vehicle. Whenever your vehicle leaves or enters the geofence boundary, you will receive an alert.

5. Alerts and Notifications:

You can configure your settings to get notifications and alerts of more than 20 types. Get instant alerts of ignition on/off, speeds, location, service , overstay, tow, etc.


1.Better Control

A fleet owner can have a good control on his business by improving delivery times, reduce fuel cost and will have a better supervision on his assets. Thus you can maximize your profitability.

2. Reduce Losses:

You will be able to reduces losses regarding to theft and fraud. Driver behavior will be good, and you will observe an increase in productivity.

3.Anti-Theft :

You will be able to sleep well with peace in mind, when you are assured that your assets are safeguarded against theft and burglary.

Industries served:

  • Passenger/ School buses and public transport.
  • Commercial and heavy vehicles.
  • Heavy Earthmovers.
  • FMCG and Food Industry.
  • Mining and Heavy Industries.
  • Healthcare & BPO’s
  • Anyone who has a vehicle, must have a Consistrack GPS Tracker
         installed in his vehicle to achieve peace of mind.


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